Adopt a tree and help protect the Peruvian Amazon: Reforestamos por Naturaleza

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Reforestamos por Naturaleza (We reforest by Nature) is a campaign created by Conservamos por Naturaleza, an initiative of the Peruvian Society of Environmental Law (SPDA). The campaign allows anyone to support conservation initiatives across Peru through the adoption of native trees in privately protected areas (PPA).

According to data by Global Forest Watch, it is estimated that in 2019 alone, the Peruvian Amazon lost 162,000 hectares of forest cover. Peru is home to the second largest area of tropical forests in Latin America, after Brazil.

Privately protected areas (PPA) run by communities, families and individuals across Peru help protect these forests and the life they harbor, through special legal mechanisms for private conservation.

Through Reforestamos por Naturaleza, you can adopt trees in some of these conservation areas, and help these grass-roots groups in protecting the Peruvian Amazon. The campaign is active in 13 privately protected areas across Peru: 4 in Amazonas (Bosque Berlin, Milpuj-La Heredad, Cavernas de Leo and Los Chilchos), 1 in San Martín (Ojos de Agua), 1 in Loreto (Paraíso Natural Iwarati) and 7 in Pasco that are part of the Oxapampa Private Conservation Network RIACO (La Gorda, Los Abuelos, Bosque de Churumazú, Ulcumano Ecolodge, El Palmeral, Fundo Las Neblinas and Tierra de Bosques).

When you adopt a tree, half of your donation is used to maintain the campaign and monitor the trees, while the other half is given to the privately protected area where the tree is located. Every year, the protected area owner(s) implement various conservation projects with the help of these donations.

Each PPA has different needs and objectives, and the funds from the campaign help the PPA achieve its goals. For instance, with the funds collected between 2016 and 2017, the PPA Bosque Berlin (Amazonas) was able to improve its guest accommodations, plan forest regeneration areas and help maintain the trees that they had planted in the PPA. Meanwhile, in the PPA Ojos de Agua, funds from the campaign helped complete a wildlife observation tower.

Between 2015 and 2019, 5 Privately Protected Areas in Amazonas, Loreto and San Martín received S/ 50 200 to implement 6 conservation projects. Read our report here.

  • Leyda Rimarachín lives with her parents and sisters in Bosque Berlín, their privately protected area that harbors yellow-tailed woolly monkeys and other cloud forest treasures.
  • This yellow-tailed woolly monkey lives in PPA Bosque Berlín. The large, enigmatic primate species is endemic to this part of Peru, and is critically endangered.
  • Pedro 'Perico' Heredia and his mother, Lola Arce, are the owners of PPA Milpuj-La Heredad in Amazonas, caring for a unique tropical dry forest brimming with life.
  • More than twenty thousand tara trees grow in the PPA Milpuj-La Heredad, many planted by Lola and Perico. Tara seeds are a valuable non-timber forest product for the high tannin content, and are also used as a natural dye in eco-fashion.
  • Leuvigildo "Don Leo" López owns PPA Las Cavernas de Leo, which guards the entrance to a huge complex of underground caves.
  • Don Leo also exhibits over 300 orchid species in his PPA.
  • The community of Los Chilchos (Amazonas) protects the largest Privatly protected area in Peru.
  • One of the attractions that the PPA Los Chilchos keeps is the Laguna de los Cóndores, in addition to its forests.
  • The Association of Bosques del Futuro Ojos de Agua (ABOFOA) consists of a group of future-oriented farmers in San Martín, that together run one of the most successful conservation concessions in Peru.
  • The members of ABOFOA maintain the 30km of forest trails throughout the conservation concession, and take turns patrolling the area. They sell coconut-based products, like oil, to help finance their conservation activities.

How can I join the campaign?

For a donation of USD 20 per tree, you will receive a code, with which you can generate a unique certificate with a picture, species name, and geographic coordinates of the adopted tree. Your certificate also allows for a short, custom message.

Step 1: Donate USD 20 per tree using the PayU payment platform.

Adopt 1 tree

Adopt 2 trees

Adopt 5 trees

Adopt 10 trees

Step 2: Send us the payment confirmation that you received from PayU, to this e-mail address: reforesta@conservamos.org

Within 24 hours, we will send you a unique code for each tree you adopted (this may take 48 hours on weekends or holidays).

Step 3: Go to www.reforesta.pe and generate your certificate(s) using the code(s) we sent you.

Step 4: Visit the tree you adopted!

If you want to adopt more than 10 trees, or if you prefer to make a direct bank transfer with your donation, please write us at reforesta@conservamos.org